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As comforting as a bowl of hot soup, these
bandages will help take care of your ouchie.

These bandages will suit you to a “tea”!

Hips don’t lie and you won’t
cry with you cover your boo-boo
with these funny Corgi Butt

Heal what hurts and show the
world your true colors with these
Rainbow Heart Bandages.

Don’t blubber or throw a tanty
if you get hurt. You’ll be shouting
“hooroo” to all your booboos with
these cute Koala Bandages.

This Pot Leaf Bandage won’t leave you feeling
comfortably numb and best of all,
they’re legal in all 50 states.

These Hot Dog Bandages will turn
any whiner into a wiener in no time!

Tusk, tusk, tusk. Got hurt? Let the unicorn of
the sea’s magical power take your pain away.

Nothing helps when you’re hurt like
Mom’s love does. These bandages
come pretty darn close, though!

You’ll be one giant leap away from your
booboo with these Astronaut bandages.

No need to hurry, these Sloth bandages
won’t be going anywhere fast!

Stick one of these Pizza
bandages on any scrape, cut, or
shiner, and hold the onions.

Stick one of these Cone of Shame
bandages on any scrape, cut, or shiner
and own your injuries like an alpha dog.

For all your happy little accidents
... and the not-so-happy ones too!

Heal cuts and scrapes with the power of magic!