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Watch the Squish n Stretch video

Doll Mask
Fits most 18" Dolls

PiƱata Surprise
Each Pinata Includes:
1 0f 5 Rings, 1 0f 4 Bobbies
2 0f 8 Sweetiez, 1 of 6 Stickers
1 of 6 Puzzles
Collect All

Mega Fun Box Surprise
Over 15 Surprises Inside!

Click to see inside

Click to see inside
Phone Palz
Attach me to your phone!

Mr. Putty

Aromatherapy Putty

Balloon Animal - Cat

Twiddle Squish n Stretch

Fidget Putty
Create and Play

Squish Animals

Watch the dinos hatch out of their eggs and grow! Includes dino education facts.
Perfect for Jurassic World lovers.

Pet Pals
Watch your Pet Come Alive Online