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Anju Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

CHIPPA COLLECTION – Totes, Backpacks, Bandanas, & Scrunchies

Anju has partnered with highly skilled artisans that work with hand block-printing a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. The word “Chippa” means “to print”, and the cotton used for our products is printed by one of the oldest block-printing families in Jaipur, India. This ancient form of fabric printing has been in India since 12th Century and has become almost forgotten due to significant advances in modern day screen printing.

The beautiful patterns on the fabrics are created using wooden blocks. These blocks are hand-carved using basic tools and manual drawings. Once the blocks are ready, they are dipped in natural dyes and the color patterns are transferred onto organic cotton. Each design involves multiple blocks and dyes, which have to be carefully aligned to create a beautiful and colorful final product.

By sourcing fabrics made using this nearly extinct technique, we are able to provide support for these skilled artisans and doing our part in keeping this wonderful tradition alive. The bags and face masks shown in this catalog are made with incredibly soft and fine cotton.


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