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Lula 'n' Lee creates collectible jewelry pieces to fit today's lifestyles. Ageless in design, the owners' artful spirit inspires collections blending today's trends with their life’s journey. Relying on the energy fields of gemstones, the collections feature creative design with easy to layer in style to match your customer’s aesthetic.

New & Notable: Introducing AlmaLillie, featuring enamel chains in trending colors as well as sparkly new pendants and bracelets. New necklaces featuring a combination of metals and pave' charms, leather/cowhide makeup bags, "Treasure" bracelets, as well as a collection of Lapis and sea blues. The ever-popular leather knotted freshwater pearl (LN.14 as it is known) is back!

Best Sellers: AlmaLillie's shamballa bracelets, pave' charm necklaces and the always popular 25 pack of gemstone bracelets are the best picks along with our collection of earrings and arm candy.