Marmalade of London Mosney Mill Winter fragrances, we have used colours that are very on trend this year, dark blue, Grey, Teal and dark plum. The fragrances have taken over a year to develop but we are sure you will agree they are worth the wait.

One of our big passions is to help save the Bumble bee and we are very proud supports of the Bumblebee conservation trust with 5% of the profits of this range going to them and we have planted over 1000 trees and plants that attract bees and other insects around our new factory in the UK.

Marmalade of London has always tried to make our packing recyclable and/or reusable and we continue to improve on this all the time. All our product are hand poured giving excellent fragrance throughout. .

Marmalade of London Mosney Mill fall and Winter range fragrance notes:

Autumn Leaves - Teal Glass
Bergamot, Lemon, jasmine, lavender and violet with base notes of Amber and Myrrh

Hedgerow Walks – Plum Glass
Ripe blackcurrants fresh green leaves with clove and Jasmine

Midnight Woods – Navy Glass
An intoxicating blend of black Lilies, violets and vanilla with base notes of Vetiver and sandalwood.

Winter Fir – Grey Glass
Snow capped fir, pine needles and crisp eucalyptus, with a blend of
Leather, smoky woods and musk.