Personal and professional development has always been an important part of our culture. We accumulated a vast library of books that we used to anchor our Sales Meetings back in the days when we met regularly in person. Now that our team is spread out over 13 states, in person meetings aren’t feasible. Instead, now we have weekly team calls to collaborate, share information.

Our team Book Club just read this gem and we think you’ll enjoy it as well.
As one who did woefully poorly in school, I wish I had read this as a teenager. It’s packed with great stories and analogies that all of us can easily identify with. A quick bullet point that sums it all up “what we eventually accomplish may depend more on our passion and perseverance than our innate talent”.

We recently launched a Book Club and a group of us read and then discussed the book below. We shared our “take away’s” with our team on our weekly call.

The #1 most important one was –

The mantra of this book is “Live to Give” and we’re so lucky to have careers where that is literally the cornerstone of our job description and what we do every day! As Sales Reps we often take steps to help our buyers to be more successful that don’t immediately result in orders/commission. However, these steps cement our relationships and the value we add over the long haul is what earns the optimal win-win partnership. The same is true with our partnerships with our vendors and teammates as is yours with your customers too! The “Live to Give” strategy has a lot of actionable steps that our team agreed we could put into action to enhance our personal and professional lives!

We wholeheartedly recommend this book!

When Covid 1st hit we were looking for distractions, support and connection so our team began to make book recommendations, and these were a few worth sharing

Bonnie Glushon’s recommendations include a great novel; an incredibly inspiring autobiography; three books that use transcripts to tell the story of notable trials spotlighting historic figures; and of course, a book that includes news and noteworthy topics. Thanks to 15-year-old Jack Simons for producing, directing and editing this!

Orange County Sales Rep Karen Hogenouer, an avid reader with some outstanding recommendations!

Not an SPI Team Member but a very good friend and a great book recommendation!

Putting the serious health issues of this crisis aside for a moment and not diminishing these uniquely challenging circumstances, most of us are having to cope with the significant shift in our lives. We don't know how long we will be living in a "stay at home" world, and we have no idea when it will change again and what that will be like. Many of us read Who Moved My Cheese when the book came out. We bought copies for our team, and if you haven't read it, you should. For those that may prefer the 10 minute video clip of the story, see below.