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Anju Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

AASHA COLLECTION - Sustainable Jewelry

Anju is proud to feature “Aasha”, a collection of jewelry with a mission of creating sustainable employment for an artisan group of economically disadvantaged women from villages just outside of Delhi, India. Working with a Fair-Trade Certified partner, we are able to contribute towards schooling for artisan's children, health care, and ongoing education and support. Otherwise unemployable, this job allows them to not only make financial contributions to their family, but gives them pride in knowing that they are able to create something beautiful.

Made with completely recycled materials, Aasha is a 100% sustainable jewelry line. Using discarded saris, and wrapping them over small wooden beads, these women are able to create a very unique and colorful collection of jewelry. The wooden beads are scraps sourced from furniture factories nearby, and the fabric used to cover them comes from old, worn saris, collected all over India! No two beads will be the same, meaning every single piece of jewelry is uniquely different.

The word “Aasha” means Hope in Hindi. Thats exactly what we aspire to accomplish with our Aasha Collection. Provide hope, sustenance and opportunity for our artisans.


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