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Careers - Outside Sales Positions

We represent fantastic Vendors! We have awesome Customers! 

Keeping them connected with the right sales professional is where the magic happens!

Sales Producers, Inc. is a progressive business-to-business sales organization established in 1983. Our exceptional team represents prominent brands in the Gift and Home Accessory industry which span a wide variety of product categories. We are pleased to welcome our buyers to visit us in one of our two permanent showrooms: In Los Angeles we have a small Boutique Showroom located at The Cooper Building in the heart of the Apparel District and our recently expanded15,000 sf. Showroom in the World Market Center in Las Vegas.


Our 25 + Independent Retail Consultants cover the 13 Western States and enjoy the benefits of selling to an almost unlimited array of retail stores - if there's a store front and a cash register, it's likely to be a sales opportunity for one or more of our lines. Our industry is similar to the Real Estate industry in that the relationships we earn are our biggest asset. The longer you're in the industry calling on and taking good care of your customers, the more successful you become. You set your own schedule, create your own business plan, put it in action as you see fit, earn commission for what you generate, and build your own business. We support that initiative by providing the following:

  • Well established and highly desirable brands to sell to your retail accounts.

  • Powerful marketing machine to back up your efforts.

  • Monthly commission rebate incentive

  • Permanent Las Vegas and Los Angeles showroom presence that attracts and rolls out the red carpet for your buyers.

  • Administrative team to accurately and promptly process and pay your commission every two weeks.

  • Team of people to teach, guide, share, and be the wind at your back to fuel your success.

Position Description:

  • Being an Independent Retail Consultant is like running your own business or owning a franchise without the upfront costs and headaches. Let your inner Entrepreneur come out!

  • Set your schedule to work around your family or other personal priorities.

  • Sell, service, and add value to our existing accounts.

  • Prospect and open new accounts.

  • Meet agreed upon vendor sales goals.

  • Be a consistent and reliable partner to your buyers and vendors.

  • As an expert consultant, advise about product information, suggest merchandising ideas, take charge to inventory to advise for reorders, make ordering recommendations, and share product images for marketing and social media needs.

  • Set follow up appointments to establish a regular route so buyers can count on you.

  • While the product is important, our industry is relationship driven at its core. YOU are the most important asset in the equation.

Our Sales Associates benefit from our powerful Marketing outreach effort, Social Media presence, supportive peer to peer culture, prompt commission payments direct deposited bimonthly, and our Company’s track record of long-term relationships with our vendors and team members. Since 1983, we have worked diligently to earn the trust, loyalty, and confidence of our partners and proudly tout our positive and harmonious relationships as a badge of honor. Commission based on results, selling a wide variety of products to a vast spectrum of retail stores.

Experience, skills, and traits that make this position a good fit include:

  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit

  • Previously owned or run a small business

  • Accustomed to working independently, setting your own goals, and meeting objectives

  • Have a sincere interest in building relationships

  • Thrive by working independently and driving your business to meet and exceed vendor goals

  • Enjoy the freedom, yet have the self-discipline, to manage yourself, time, and accomplishments without supervision

  • Have an innate passion for being in outside sales and are genuinely committed to add value to your buyer and vendor partners

  • Naturally at ease to initiate contact and build rapport to establish new relationships and build them

  • Being organized, detail oriented, and understanding the importance of planning your time and your appointment objectives ahead of time

  • Comfortable juggling multiple tasks

  • Flourish working on commission and enjoy the benefit of controlling your own income and time

Resume with a cover letter should be sent to


Proudly Adding Value to our Retailer,
Vendor and Team Partners Since 1983

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